ACC Sensitive Claims Services


South Coast Psychology is approved by ACC to provide assessments, treatment, and group programmes for people who have a sensitive claim. Our service providers are skilled, experienced, and qualified professionals, including counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers, that are skilled in areas of mental health, addictions, and sexual abuse.

To view our ACC Sensitive Claims providers please visit the Who Can Help page


Private Counselling Services


South Coast Psychology has private providers availabe who can accept a whole or part payment from other finders e.g. WINZ, OT, MOE, MOJ, I AM HOPE etc. Some providers also accept private fee paying clients for counselling/psychotherapy.

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ACC Cultural Advisors


South Coast Psychology has cultural advisors for the Moari community, LGBTQI+, and the Asian community.

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Group Therapy


South Coast Psychology provides Group Therapy services which includes Skills Groups and Psychotherapy Groups. ACC approved group therapy programmes include

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - Brochure

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy - Brochure

  • Trauma Informed Yoga (Woman's only) - Brochure

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - Brochure

  • iRest Meditation (Women’s only) - Brochure

  • Equine Therapy Group - Men's Group - Brochure

  • Equine Therapy Group - Woman's Group - Brochure

  • Equine Therapy Group - Children's Group - Brochure

  • Equine Therapy Group - General Group - Brochure


Family Court/Relationship Counselling


South Coast Psychology has skilled, experienced and well training relationship Counsellors and Psychologists which are approved by the Ministry of Justice to provide counselling in Family Courts.

Our Family Court Approved Counsellors are:




South Coast Psychology has qualified and experienced registered psychologists, clinical psychologists, and clinical counsellors providing assessment. We are also able to access psychiatrists to provide psychiatric assessments when required.


To view our Assessors please visit the Who Can Help page.


Clinical Supervision


Clinical supervision is a special type of professional support that develops and enhances the practice of the professional, which keeps them and their clients safe. All of South Coast Psychology practitioners receive clinical supervision.

Our Clinical Supervisors are:


Equine Therapy


Please visit our website or contact our Equine team for further information.

Vicki Yarker-Jones

Equine Services Manager  & Equine Specialist


Training and Consulting


South Coast Psychology has experienced trainers who provide education and training programmes for teams and individuals. We also provide consultation to professionals in relation to a wide range of topics.